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It wasn’t all that long ago that Elon Musk declared of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), “She’s just not that smart.”

On Thursday, she did her absolute best to prove him right.

This story begins in the early morning hours, as the X CEO posted a message arguing that the goal of the Democrat Party is to “import voters.”

It’s something he has been warning the American people about consistently for some time.

Musk pleaded for a ‘red wave‘ in November. He cites concerns that if Democrats win, they will try to use illegal immigrants to create a permanent ruling party by giving them amnesty.

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AOC Goes After Elon Musk By Pointing Out He’s An Immigrant

Ocasio-Cortez has certainly had a couple of weeks. During an impeachment inquiry hearing last week, she defiantly, albeit incorrectly, declared that “RICO is not a crime.”

When a Harvard Law graduate and former Supreme Court clerk – Senator Ted Cruz – helpfully informed her that she was wrong, the New York Democrat doubled down and tried to pick a fight with him.

It’s difficult to determine what is happening now. Perhaps AOC saw Elon Musk’s post and thought, ‘This is my chance to totally redeem myself.’

As such, she responded to Musk’s comment about Democrats importing voters.

“You’re literally an immigrant,” she wrote.

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Dragged So Hard

AOC’s response to Elon Musk shows the Democrat Party’s fundamental flaw when it comes to immigration – they refuse to discern between legal and illegal.

Most of them conflate the two on purpose. That way they can accuse anybody who opposes lawbreakers of being anti-immigrant.

In AOC’s case, in this X post at least, you can tell she literally has no idea what she just said.

She got dragged for it in the responses.

“A LEGAL immigrant, you moron,” writes Canadian lawyer, David Freiheit. “It’s even easier to understand than RICO being a crime. I’m sure you’ll get it.”

There really are no assurances that she’ll get it. Ever. Under any circumstances.

“Is this a parody account?” asked conservative community activist, Scott Pressler.

It is, sir. It’s just not on purpose.

Even Brian Krassenstein, a left-wing social media personality, pointed out where AOC went wrong.

She Tries To Fight Back

The backlash and the ratio were so bad that AOC felt compelled to defend herself once again.

“And for everyone saying ‘yeah, but legal!!’ may I once again remind you that seeking asylum is legal, too,” she wrote. “Have a good day!”

And with that, she stomped her foot, flipped her hair back, looked at her freshly manicured nails, and scurried away. At least, I’m assuming that’s what happened.

Sadly for her though, she got ratioed for that comment as well. Illegal border crossings are not predominantly legitimate asylum claims. Those cutting razor wire or crossing the river, walking around the unfinished border wall, are not entering through ports of entry.

And even when they are, those claims of asylum are specious at best. If everyone on the planet is a refugee, then no one is.

Elon Musk, as of publishing this post, has yet to reply to AOC. When he does, it’s certain to be a thing of beauty.

Like when the Democrat posted about an “explosion of hate crimes … happening [because] some billionaire with an ego problem unilaterally controls a massive communication platform.”

Musk trolled her responding, “Stop hitting on me, I’m really shy.”

Don’t stop AOC. Keep trying to engage in a battle of wits with Elon, Harvard Law graduates, or really anybody on X who has the ability to tie their own shoes.

The losses are infinitely entertaining.

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