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The Biden administration has a plan to make it more difficult to fire federal employees. Particularly those seen as working for the ‘deep state.’

Unelected federal bureaucrats that Donald Trump has vowed to weed out.

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Protecting The Deep State

Biden’s White House put out a statement on Thursday about “the final rule to protect nonpartisan civil servants.” 

Fox News reports, “Biden said his administration was announcing ‘protections for 2.2 million career civil servants from political interference, to guarantee that they can carry out their responsibilities in the best interest of the American people.” 

“Day in and day out, career civil servants provide the expertise and continuity necessary for our democracy to function,” the statement read. “They provide Americans with life-saving and life-changing services and put opportunity within reach for millions. That’s why since taking office, I have worked to strengthen, empower, and rebuild our career workforce.” 

The story continued:

The Office of Personnel Management, the government’s chief human resources agency, on Thursday implemented new regulations barring career civil servants from being reclassified as political appointees, or as other at-will workers, who are more easily dismissed from their jobs. It comes in response to “Schedule F,” an executive order Trump issued in 2020 that sought to allow for reclassifying tens of thousands of the 2.2 million federal employees and thus reduce their job security protections, according to the Associated Press. 

Biden nullified Schedule F upon taking office, but if Trump were to revive it during a second administration, he could dramatically increase the around 4,000 federal employees who are considered political appointees and typically change with each new president. How many employees might have been affected by Schedule F is unclear. 

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Furthermore, Voters Didn’t Elect These Government Workers

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer blasted this move by Biden to protect the ‘deep state.’

“OPM’s final rule is yet another example of the Biden Administration’s efforts to insulate the federal workforce from accountability,” Comer said in a statement.

“The federal workforce exists to serve the American people, yet many Americans have a deep and growing distrust of the federal bureaucracy. The Biden Administration’s rule will further undermine Americans’ confidence in their government since it allows poor performing federal workers and those who attempt to thwart the policies of a duly elected President to remain entrenched in the federal bureaucracy. We need more accountability for the unelected federal bureaucracy, not less.” 

James Comer

Comer said with this policy, “The Biden Administration believes it is more important to protect the federal bureaucracy, rather than taking steps to increase the American people’s confidence in it.”

“The House Oversight Committee will continue to conduct rigorous oversight of the federal workforce and will examine legislative solutions to make the unelected, unaccountable federal workforce more accountable to the American people,” he adds. 

These federal workers were not elected by voters, and yet many were antagonistic toward Donald Trump while he was in office.

A man who was actually elected.

Isn’t ‘democracy’ letting people who were elected do the job they were elected to do?

Or is it unelected and faceless employees working against the president?

Either way, Joe Biden obviously wants to make sure they can keep doing what they’ve always done. Especially if Donald Trump takes his job in November.

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