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Sir Charles Barkley, formerly known best for his dominance on the basketball court, has had quite an interesting career since hanging up the hi-tops.

The NBA Hall of Fame power forward has been gracing television sets since the year 2000. This time, though, he’s losing a show rather than gaining one.

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Barkley Canceled

The Bread Truck’s latest venture was a weekly show on CNN called King Charles, co-hosted with Gayle King. While not a bad idea in principle – call-in shows can be wildly entertaining – in practice, it didn’t work out.

The New York Post reports that new episodes of King Charles were handily beaten in the ratings by reruns of Friends and South Park. It seems not even the nation’s airports could keep The Round Mound of Rebound afloat.

To Barkley’s eye, the fault lay with his busy schedule. More likely, it is simply a victim of CNN’s disastrous ratings in general. All this, despite a CNN spox claiming that viewers were young, affluent, and diverse.

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Barkley Wants To Punch Black Trump Supporters

Barkley landed in hot water on the show when he recently said he wanted to assault black people who are fans of President Donald Trump.

What got under Barkley’s skin was apparently Trump’s claim that he got street cred in the black community due to his epic mugshot. “It’s incredible, black people walking around with my mugshots!” Trump told a rally.

Barkley was less than impressed. One may even say he was triggered.

The Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss wrote,

“First of all, I’m just gonna say this: if I see a black person walking around with Trump’s mugshot, I’m [gonna] punch him in the face,” the original Dream Team member told CNN’s Gayle King.

King’s gentle reminder that he’d be facing assault charges was no deterrent for Barkley.

“I will bail myself out and go celebrate,” he quipped.


At least Barkley will have more free time for random assault and the legal consequences.


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