The past few years have been less than ideal in the football life of Russell Wilson. After a Hall of Fame career in Seattle, Wilson finished out his time there with a whimper. He wasn’t horrible but some could see the decline coming and this included then-head coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks shipped Wilson to Denver and after just two up and down seasons, the team is ready to move on. Now we’re hearing the Pittsburgh Steelers could be a viable option if the Broncos sever ties with the nine-time Pro Bowler.

After viewing this video of Wilson trying to sell the Steelers on his services, it’s clear that he’s running out of time and options. But seriously, this could very well be Wilson’s last opportunity to start in the NFL. He’s probably still a better option than any quarterback currently on Pittsburgh’s roster. But how much does Russ move the needle in terms of winning the AFC North and making a deep postseason run?

To put this in better perspective, the last time the Steelers won a playoff game, Patrick Mahomes had just ended his college football career. Pittsburgh’s been in the AFC playoff mix and still hasn’t had a losing season under Mike Tomlin, but it’s been seven years since they experienced any postseason success.

So, while Wilson may seem like a potential solution, there is some risk involved. Russ hasn’t led a franchise to the postseason since 2020 in Seattle. Although year two in Denver was much better than the previous one (individually for Wilson), he clearly isn’t the same QB he was five years ago.

Add to that all the noise about Tomlin being on the hot seat and you’ve got built-in drama heading into the 2024 campaign. Bringing Wilson into the picture only amplifies that. While he may no longer be the same Pro Bowl caliber QB, there would be an expectation that he gives the Steelers offense a little more than Kenny Pickett or Mason Rudolph.

On paper that might be the case, but Wilson must prove that on the field. And with Tomlin losing favor in Pittsburgh seemingly by the day, his next decision at QB will be the most important of his career. Is Wilson really the guy you want steering the ship if this is Tomlin’s last voyage?

Although Wilson should be motivated at the least because this could be his last time leading a team as QB1 if this latest adventure is unsuccessful. Russ hasn’t exactly aged too gracefully on the field, and he is 35 years old. Some would mention Tom Brady playing another 10 years from this point, but everyone can’t do that. Wilson showed glimpses last year of getting back to old form but duplicating that for another three to five years is the real test.


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