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‘Statistically significant increases in serious adverse events’

For months while the COVID-19 virus, which came out of a Chinese lab experimenting on making those health threats more dangerous, circled the globe and killed millions, science journals adopted a uniform talking point: Get the shots!

That, according to a new report, now has changed, with the publication in the Springer Nature medical journal Cureus, a sibling of Nature and Scientific American, a peer-reviewed paper by mRNA shot critics.

It reveals that the results from the shots are not all good.

In fact, they can be bad.

Longtime COVID shot skeptic Steve Kirsch posted online: “People have said I’m a misinformation spreader because since May 2021, I have been publicly saying the COVID vaccines are not safe. Now the medical peer-reviewed literature shows I was right.”

A report in Just the News points out that mainstream science and medical journals for months, even years, suppressed doubts and concerns about the shots, for which manufacturers were paid billions.

In fact, the federal government, led by COVID shot cheerleader Anthony Fauci, worked to suppress valid evidence undermining the promotion of those shots.

The new article, in fact, lends support for the idea of a global moratorium on those shots.

Just the News said, “The feds have struggled to keep interest high in each new formulation of the COVID vaccines, with fewer than 12% of minors, 22% of adults and just 41% of those 65 and up taking the 2023-2024 vaccines, according to the latest weekly National Immunization Survey.”

The Cureus paper notes that while early promotions of Pfizer’s shot trials suggested they “could greatly reduce COVID-19 symptoms,” a further review “identified statistically significant increases” in “serious adverse events.”

“The risk-benefit imbalance substantiated by the evidence to date contraindicates further booster injections and suggests that, at a minimum, the mRNA injections should be removed from the childhood immunization program until proper safety and toxicological studies are conducted,” the paper warns.

And they authors continued, explaining U.S. approval of the shots “on a blanket-coverage population-wide basis had no support from an honest assessment of all relevant registrational data and commensurate consideration of risks versus benefits.”

Authors include cardiologist Peter McCullough, MIT senior research scientist Stephanie Seneff, vaccine researcher Jessica Rose, and tech entrepreneur and Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch, a philanthropist once courted by Democratic presidential hopefuls.

The documentation even shows that while the CDC had prepared an “alert” about the stunningly high cases of post-shot myocarditis, it then canceled the warning to consumers “apparently out of fear of spooking the public, according to The Epoch Times, which posted a 1,433-page batch of heavily redacted emails it obtained,” the report explained.

That suppression of valid health warning information, according to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., amounted to “malpractice.”

Also of concern are reports that cancer cases are rising among those given the shots, with six of the top 10 cancers on the rise.

The warning signs about trouble with the COVID shots have been on the radar for those interested for some time already, with multiple experts warning about heart problems and more that followed the shots.

WND recently reported that Kirsch released a Substack report that charges there’s no doubt that the COVID shots “CAUSE dementia.”

The shots, by Pfizer and others, were developed at a breathtaking pace with government funding when the deadly COVID virus came out of a Chinese research lab that was working to make viruses worse.

They were inflicted on the American public without ordinary trials or tests, often by corporate or government mandate, and the side effects, including tens of thousands of deaths, have been mounting since.

Kirsch explained that he reviewed data on the government’s National Vaccine Information Center and confirmed hundreds of cases of the virus “where [a] symptom is dementia.”

He explained, “There is [no way] that you can have a 1,000X increase in event reports if the COVID vaccine isn’t causing this. The CDC simply ‘forgot’ to warn people about it.”

Actually, the COVID shots can be described as DNA treatment more accurately than a vaccine.

”The results are self-explanatory: the COVID vaccines cause dementia,” he charged. “Anyone who tells you ‘correlation isn’t causation’ should explain the actual cause of this if it wasn’t the COVID vaccine.”

Kirsch long has been known as a COVID shot skeptic. Online, he’s blasted as a “promoter of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines,” but the critics don’t document his “misinformation.”

What they show is he raised questions about the government’s talking points about COVID and those shots, which have been known to produce side effects like sudden collapse and death, heart problems, and more.

Kirsch’s influence comes from his founding of multiple companies and his development of the optical mouse.

Even his online detractors concede he’s been a prominent philanthropic supporter of medical research.

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