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Representative Eric Swalwell’s alleged affair with a Chinese spy continues to provide fodder for Republican lawmakers speaking at congressional hearings.

It cropped up once again during yesterday’s impeachment hearing for President Biden.

Congressman Mike Waltz (R-FL) scorched his Democrat colleague regarding China’s influence on the American government.

“I find it incredibly rich Mr. Swalwell was going to come to this committee and lecture us about how China penetrates our government,” Waltz said, prompting laughter from several individuals.

“I think that’s something he may know a thing or two about.”

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What Does Eric Swalwell Know About Chinese Penetration?

To borrow a phrase from the great Jim Ross – “Good God almighty! Good God almighty! They’ve killed him!”

The fact that Waltz’s comments are a matter of congressional record now is simply awe-inspiring.

Despite denying any wrongdoing, Swalwell’s alleged affair has dogged him from the moment it became public. The well-documented relationship involved a Chinese spy managing to get an intern placed in Swalwell’s Washington office.

Some have speculated that the relationship was sexual, something the congressman has not specifically denied but also which hasn’t been proven.

A bombshell report in 2020 indicated that a woman by the name of Christine Fang (aka Fang Fang) “took part in fundraising activity for Rep. Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign” and interacted with the Congressman “at multiple events over the course of several years.”

Fang had allegedly served as a Chinese Intelligence operative with China’s Ministry of State Security.

Swalwell at one point during the impeachment hearing declared the effort “dead”. He even provided a time of date as an added visual.

This prompted another Republican lawmaker to quip, “Say that in Chinese.”

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Constant Humiliation

This isn’t the first time Eric Swalwell has been humiliated about the alleged affair during House hearings. He is a walking, perpetual target for swirlies from his colleagues.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) during a 2021 House speech called him out.

“My colleague and three-month presidential candidate from California, who is on the Intelligence Committee, slept with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy,” she said.

“Let me say that again. A member of Congress who receives classified briefings was sleeping with the enemy.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) humiliated Eric Swalwell so badly that Democrats tried to have her comments stricken.

“That was quite entertaining from someone that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, and everyone knows it,” Greene said. “But thanks for entertaining …”

Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) immediately interjected to rescue Swalwell from the humiliating dress-down, calling Greene’s comments “completely inappropriate” and moving to have them stricken from the record.

They weren’t.

Representative Troy Nehls (R-TX) really kicked things up a notch last year when he visualized the affair in a rather unique way.

“We are aware of the member of this committee having an alleged affair with a Chinese spy, I refer to as Yum Yum, but this is a new low for anyone,” Nehls stated.

He was actually calling back to Democrats’ use of the Steele dossier and its salacious claims against Donald Trump.

“And I would hope Mr. Swalwell would agree with me. Imagine if somebody would have said and taken this a step further, Mr. Swalwell was just peeing on Yum Yum,” Nehls opined.

While Eric Swalwell’s alleged affair provides entertainment, it’s a rather serious issue.

And yet the same House he is a member of was so concerned about Chinese spying, that they recently voted to ban TikTok.

Where are the priorities?

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