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The Smiths are back — only they’re completely different characters with a completely different storyline. Actually, the only thing they have in common with the 2005 film is their names.

Created by Atlanta‘s Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, Mr. & Mrs. Smith — one of our most anticipated shows of 2024 — is now available to stream on Prime Video. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Mr. & Mrs. Smith a remake?

As entertainment reporter Belen Edwards writes in her review of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the new series is “more of a delightful reinvention than a stale remake.” The film was centered around a pair of married assassins — played by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — oblivious to the fact that they’re working for opposing spy operations. The show, however, introduces two strangers — played by Glover and Maya Erskine — who are thrown into a fake marriage as a cover for secret missions. It completely flips the whole premise of the movie on its head and offers something fresh. Erskine even remarked in an interview, “I feel like this show could be called anything and it would still be its own show.”

What is Mr. & Mrs. Smith about?

Two strangers agree to a fake marriage as a cover for their jobs with a mysterious intelligence company. They relocate to a lavish Manhattan brownstone with their new identities, John (Glover) and Jane (Erskine), and are tasked with weekly high-risk missions. The focus of the show, however, isn’t just on the missions themselves, but also on John and Jane’s connection. “The show frames each mission as a relationship milestone, toggling between rom-com and spy thriller at a moment’s notice,” Edwards notes in her review.

“With Glover and Erskine as great as they are, and with a story that’s wonderfully self-assured in its own identity outside of the 2005 film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith makes for a darkly funny treat,” she adds.

Read Mashable’s full review of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Here’s the official trailer, if you’d like a sneak peek at the reimagined series:

What streaming service is Mr. & Mrs. Smith on?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a Prime Video original, which means you’ll need an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription in order to tune in. Already a Prime subscriber? You’re good to go; just sign into your account on your browser and navigate to Prime Video or download the Prime Video app and sign in using your Prime login details to watch.

Not yet a Prime subscriber? We’ve rounded up the best ways to sign up, save, and watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith below.

When do new episodes of Mr. & Mrs. Smith air?

While other Prime Video series release episodes weekly, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is following the Netflix format and dropping all of the episodes at once. The entire eight-episode series will be available to stream on Prime Video on Friday, Feb. 2. That means you could binge-watch it all this weekend if you wanted. That’s also great news for those looking to watch for free (more on that below).

Can I watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Prime Video for free?

Good news: if you’re totally new to Amazon Prime or you’re returning after canceling or pausing a previous subscription, you can score a free trial. If you don’t fall into that category, you can still score a discounted subscription if you’re a student or choose to subscribe to Prime Video on its own (not a full Amazon Prime subscription). Scroll for more details.

Mashable Deals

As the majority of free trials are disappearing, Amazon still holds strong with its 30-day Prime membership trial. There’s just one catch: you have to be a completely new customer or returning after a year or more. If you fit into one of these categories, you can claim your 30 days for free and stream every episode of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in that time frame. If you want to avoid charges ($14.99 per month), be sure to cancel before your trial ends.

Students can nab a free six-month trial via Prime Student, which gives you access to Prime Video and all of the other perks of Prime. You’ll just have to prove you’re an actual student via SheerID to secure the deal. Once the trial ends, you’ll have to pay $69 per year — that’s half the cost of a usual Prime membership — to keep your subscription going.

Unfortunately, if you don’t qualify for either of the options above, you probably can’t watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith for free. However, you can still save some money by opting to subscribe to Prime Video on its own (rather than a full Prime account). A regular Prime membership would run you $14.99 per month, but Prime Video on its own is just $8.99 per month. Sure, it’s not as good as free, but you’ll save $6 per month — and that’s enough to pay for a complete different streaming service.

Amazon, of course, makes signing up for Prime Video only a bit tricky. When you go to sign up for a subscription, be sure to select “change plan” or “more plans” to see your other options. And be sure to cancel before the month is up if you want to avoid charges the following month.


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