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America’s southern border is completely out of control. Illegal immigrants pour in every day. But not just in states like Texas and Arizona, apparently.

Florida is also part of this.

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Illegal Immigrants Crossing Over in Florida

From Florida’s Voice, “St. Lucie County Sheriff Keith Pearson warned of illegal immigrants entering southern Florida, including in the community that he oversees.”

“Pearson specifically highlighted how Haitian migrants were traveling to St. Lucie County and how the sheriff’s office was apprehending them and turning them into the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.”

The story continued:

“Illegal aliens aren’t just flooding across our southern borders, they’re arriving all across south Florida beaches, including right here in St. Lucie County,” he said during a video where his team was actively encountering a migrant vessel.

“They are undocumented and unvetted individuals whom we have no idea what kind of positive or negative impact they could have on the public safety of our community or nation,” Pearson said.

The sheriff explained that his agency works with the Florida Highway Patrol to find illegal immigrants attempting to enter Florida and provide them fresh water and address any medical concerns while they wait for the U.S. Coast Guard to process the individuals.

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When Will it End?

“The men and women of the St. Lucie County sheriff’s office will continue to monitor and assist our federal partners to ensure we protect our borders,” Pearson added.

“The sheriff’s office was not able to provide a number of the total estimated apprehensions that law enforcement has made since it is up to the federal government to record the number of processed individuals,” the story noted.

It shouldn’t be surprising that illegal migrants are coming in through Florida since the entire southern U.S. border has been easy to cross for so many.

Will this ever end? That might be a question best answered after November.



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