Last night, Nancy Pelosi joined former White House Press Secretary-turned-pundit Jen Psaki on MSNBC to attack President Donald Trump, implying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has something that “sure seems financial” over the Republican front-runner.

After implying that Putin was “probably the richest person in the world”, which may be based on a Jan 2022 Forbes article that states no evidence of Putin’s wealth besides a financiers belief, Pelosi asks “what does he have on Donald Trump that he’d have to constantly be catering to Putin?  Telling Putin to go into these countries…NATO countries.”

Pelosi then touts NATO’s success at stopping Russia stating “NATO is there to keep Russia out” and then celebrating 75 years of success in doing so.  The 12-member alliance started in 1949 as a collective security agreement against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) has since grown to 31-members, with 15 of those members being added after the dissolution of the USSR, several of which share a border with Russia despite then-Secretary of State James Baker’s 1990 promise of “not one inch eastward”.

Pelosi then seemed to have a Biden moment in the interview when she states:

“And then we have what’s-his-name…I usually have him nameless…saying, um, he doesn’t support NATO, and uh, invit- encouraging Russia to invade NATO countries…”

Psaki seems to realize the 83-year-old former Speaker’s mind was slipping and covers with a Harry Potter reference, jumping in with “he who shall not be named…I know Voldemort well, so there’s another guy kind of like him.”  It’s unclear if Pelosi simply had a Biden moment and forgot President Trump’s name, which is almost impossible to imagine since the Democrats can’t seem to go a day without murmuring “Trump” in some regard.

Pelosi goes on to confirm what Psaki was implying saying “I don’t know what he has on him, but I think it’s probably financial…either something financial on him or something on the come.”

After the campaign speech from President Trump that Pelosi is referencing, Germany agreed to meet their 2% agreed contribution to NATO.

TRUMP’S TOUGH TALK WORKS: Germany Vows To Spend Over 2% GDP in Defense ‘For Decades to Come’, Pressures European Allies To Do the Same

Speaking of “something financial”, Congress is ready to put forward another “bipartisan” foreign aid spending bill, this time allocating $47.69 billion to Ukraine.  That is in addition to the over $75 billion the US has already sent to Ukraine in cash and equipment.

While the Russia-collusion hoax has been thoroughly debunked by the Mueller report, there is still an impeachment inquiry ongoing in Congress regarding Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.


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