After reflecting on his first Daily Show back last week, Jon Stewart wasted no time getting stuck in to his next topic: Tucker Carlson’s cringey interview with Vladimir Putin.

In the 15-minute monologue above, Stewart tears downs everything from Carlson’s confusing facial expression (“a mixture of what appears to be shame, arousal, and I’m gonna say irregularity”), and his decision to casually say “of course” in response to Putin’s nonsensical version of WWII history (“It’s so hard to do when your face says ‘What the f**k?’ and your mouth says, ‘Of course!'”).

“The question is, why?” asks Stewart at the end. “Why is Tucker doing this? Here’s why: It’s because the old civilisational battle was communism vs. capitalism. That’s what drove the world since WWII. Russia was the enemy then. But now they think the battle is woke vs unwoke — and in that fight, Putin is an ally to the right. He’s their friend. Unfortunately he’s also a brutal and ruthless dictator. So now they have to make Americans a little more comfortable with that.”


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