In January of last year, FOX News analyst Gianno Caldwell was having breakfast with friends at a bookstore cafe in Miami, Florida when he was approached and asked to leave because of his conservative views.

We reported on this at the time.

Now the bookstore cafe is shutting its doors for good.

RedState reported:

Woke, Meet Broke: Miami Book Shop That Infamously Chased Out a Fox News Journo Is Now Closing Its Doors

Look, I am not automatically inclined to tell a business owner how to run their operation. It is their money, their venture— run things as you see fit. If anything, I have encouraged this brand of self-reliance. Often, when leftist activists command that a business cater to a particular group or forcibly demand particular levels of inclusion, I have stated that if they feel that strongly about this being a viable plan, then they should back their thoughts with their own cash and sweat equity and go for it.

Such is the case with the rather Bohemian-themed business in Miami, Paradis Books, which opened in 2021. This was a bookshop and wine emporium that served food and encouraged a communal setting with an avowed left-leaning flair to it. Notice the past tense use there? This is because the shop has just announced they are closing down after some internal struggles and a particularly tumultuous year in business.

The shuttering business posted this message on their website:

Hey there,

Audrey, Brian, and Bianca here. We have made the heavy decision not to reopen paradis, and this is our way of letting you know why. We’ve come to the end of the line, and we’re ending this project on our own terms. To our haters, we suppose congratulations are in order, so you can go ahead and stop reading now! But, to those who have loved us, supported our many changes, laughed with us, danced with us, and maybe even cried with us, we wanted to give you this parting explanation, as well as a wholehearted thank you.

This video is from last year, right after the incident:

Businesses that do things like this deserve to fail.



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