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America’s southern border is out of control. In fact, 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States under Joe Biden.

But Axios wants you to know that there’s a “silver lining” to this border chaos.

Seriously. And the “silver lining” are two items that directly harm Americans.

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Arrival of Illegals ‘Helps Lower Inflation’

Axios reports, “Immigrants are coming to the rescue of employers struggling with a historically tight labor market, and their arrival helps lower inflation.”

It does? At least one group says the “true” unemployment rate is over 23%. You have to remember, unemployment should count everyone of working age who is unemployed.

But the claim about inflation is even worse. If you add millions of people in a short time, and they are competing to buy the same goods as Americans, prices are not going to go down. 5th graders could understand this, but journalists can’t?

 “Foreign-born workers now constitute nearly 19% of the labor force, up from 17.3% when President Biden took office,” the report noted.

“The recent surge in unauthorized migrants is a key factor in the 1.7 million more workers expected in 2024, according to a recent Congressional Budget Office analysis,” Axios observed. “Those new arrivals will help the U.S. economy grow by about $7 trillion over the next decade.”

1.7 million illegal immigrants are going to create $7 trillion of wealth in 10 years? By that rate, each illegal alien will create $4 million of wealth in a decade. If there are 7.2 million illegal immigrants, the economy will grow by 296,470,590,000,000,000,000!

The story continued:

More than 3 million migrants are still in the country who were encountered at the southern border during the Biden presidency.

An additional one million arrived via ports of entry through new Biden programs relying on the expansive use of parole — a legal mechanism that allows migrants without visas to enter the U.S.

An additional 3.7 million people have entered the U.S. through other legal pathways, with the ability to work, according to administration estimates.

Some of those new arrivals are captured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which counts an additional 3 million foreign-born workers in the workforce under Biden.

They are trying to make the case that in addition to those who are in the U.S., illegal immigration is somehow a good thing. Beneficial even.

The report added, “Don’t expect Biden to race to the podium to highlight the link between increased immigration and lower inflation, according to aides and advisers.”

You think?

Remember, this is the same news outlet that told us the southern border is more “fortified” than ever.

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Sorry Axios, Mass Invasions are Bad, Not Good

This is some true mental gymnastics.

A president can’t preside over what amounts to a mass invasion of his own country and then everyone gets to pretend this is somehow a social and economic good.

His administration isn’t going to “race to the podium” to “highlight” because even Democrats understand how ludicrously insane it sounds.

No, Joe Biden is going to have to run on his record this year and his great failure to secure our border will be no small part of it.


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