It wasn’t easy to grab ahold of the Mega Xbox 360 building set when it was first launched in September, but not only is it now in stock, it’s also on sale. Right now, you can buy the adorable collector set at Target for $99.99 ($50 off) — an all-time low and its first discount to date.

The Target-exclusive set comes with 1,342 Mega Bloks you can use to build a replica of Microsoft’s 2005 console, a “copy” of Halo 3, and even a physical achievement notification. These blocks are like Mattel’s versions of Legos, which are pretty slick, even if not comparable in build quality. You can also use them to build a stellar little replica of the Xbox 360 controller, which comes with soft, movable joysticks, a light-up guide button, and plenty of printed details, including those for the triggers, the charge-and-play port, and a headset jack. The kit also includes a translucent green case with the cover art for Halo 3, which is mostly built for you already.

What’s really cool, however, is that the console is interactive thanks to a selection of removable parts and power buttons that light up. The inside of the console is even more impressive, with a brick disc drive that illuminates a replica figure of Cortana when you insert Halo 3; it’s also loaded with other neat components, including an “aluminum” heatsink, “copper” pipes, and various “capacitors.” All in all, it’s a very unique set that our own Sean Hollister had fun building, one that will certainly make for a fun spring break project for the kids or anyone else looking to tap into a bit of nostalgia.


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