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A pastor’s daughter from Illinois who became an OnlyFans model has officially left the adult industry after finding God again. Now, she’s speaking out to warn others not to go down the path that she found herself on before rediscovering her Christian faith.

OnlyFans Model Finds God Again

Nala Ray was working as an orthopedic surgery scheduler before a man recruited her for OnlyFans back in 2020. Though she found great success as a top 1% earner on the online site, she soon had a change of heart.

The ones who are glamorizing [this lifestyle] are men trying to run women’s lives and take a percentage out of it, and it’s horrifying,” Ray, 26, told Fox News. “It’s truly horrifying to be a woman and have men take a percentage of you showing your body on the internet.”

“It’s just like having a pimp,” she continued. “It’s truly horrific that it’s being advertised in that manner, but it makes me want to fight all the more to help women understand that this is not where you want to go.”

Ray Changes Her Life

Ray went on to say that her perspective changed after she was baptized.

“I can’t even tell you how much my life has changed since then,” she gushed. “Everything in my life has just kind of come to this room where I can now observe it and then be like, OK, so I don’t really want to do this anymore. I knew that this isn’t what God wanted me to do with my life.”

Ray added that her current partner played a huge role in changing her life as well.

“Honestly, it was crazy,” she admitted. “He’s actually a devout Christian, he started praying over me and sending me Bible verses and just being so loving in a way that wasn’t romantic.”

Ray’s Warning To Others

Ray is now trying to warn other young people about the dangers of joining OnlyFans.

“It’s playing a really bad role for younger people because it’s just truly putting it up on a pedestal to make you think that you can have this amazing life,” she explained, adding that she’s been focusing on removing content of herself from the internet that no longer aligns with her beliefs.

“I’ve taken everything down that I have felt the Lord truly tell me, like, take this down,” she said. “I’ve taken everything down without a question and been like, I’ll start over if you want me to God, I don’t even care. Like it’s not worth my eternal soul.”

‘It’s Super Enticing’

When asked what she would tell anyone who is considering joining OnlyFans, Ray replied, “There’s a really good chance that something’s going on in your life that is making you look at this like an option.”

“The Bible talks about how sin is pleasurable, like money, getting money is pleasurable. You know, now that you have finances, you can pay for things,” she stated. “It’s super enticing, but man, if I could go back to myself, I would hug myself so tight and look her in the eyes and shake her and just be like, please don’t make this decision. I’d tell her how worth it she is to this world, [and] how special she is to this world.”

Unfortunately, modern society has strayed further from Christian values than ever before, and it’s sad that an increasing number of young people are being enticed to show their bodies on OnlyFans. God bless Ray for using her platform to try and help other young people not fall into this trap!

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