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The radically liberal Hollywood star Rob Reiner launched a vile attack on conservative Christians, saying that they are “antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.”

Reiner Attacks Christians

Reiner is currently promoting his new documentary God & Country, which “looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only the constitutional republic, but Christianity itself,” according to IMDB.

“This movement that they have here seems completely antithetical to the teachings of Jesus,” Reiner, 76, told Newsweek.

“Jesus was about peace and love and helping thy neighbor and those less fortunate than ourselves,” he continued. “And I thought that was something that we should all aspire to. So to me this movement is going totally opposite the teachings of Jesus.”

Reiner went on to blame “Christian nationalism” for the January 6 Capitol riot. .

“The Christian nationalist movement… it says that it’s my way or the highway and will resort to violence if we don’t get our way, which is what we saw happening on January 6,” he said.

Reiner unsurprisingly also used this interview to attack the former President Donald Trump.

 “I can criticize [Donald] Trump because he’s the one who’s roping these people into this thinking,” he said. “Trump is a cult, and people who follow the cult are vulnerable. They’re looking for meaning, they’re looking for a direction, and you can get swept up in something [like that].”

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Reiner’s Previous Attack On Christians

Reiner launched a similar attack on Christians last month.

“Jesus told us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Reiner wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “How in God’s name can anyone who believes in the teachings of Jesus support Donald Trump?”

Unfortunately for Reiner, however, this immediately backfired on him big time when Christians hit back.

“If you believed in Jesus you would know,” the Oscar-nominated Hollywood star Randy Quaid wrote in response.

“You support Joe Biden You have no right to speak about Jesus or the Bible,” another X user commented, with a third writing, “President Trump brought prosperity to the US. He also brought peace. Biden has brought war, a crumbling economy, and an invaded border. It’s clear to anyone being honest that Trump is better for our country than Biden. That’s why Biden’s approval is so low. We need Trump now!”

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Reiner Weighs In On Biden And Trump

This comes one day after Reiner, who is fiercely loyal to Joe Biden, weighed in on the presidential election.

“Okay. Here’s the truth. Biden is old,” he wrote on X. “But he is a decent moral person who is incredibly effective at governing. Trump is old. But he’s a pathologically lying criminal who is incapable of governing and will destroy American Democracy.”

Reiner frequently uses his X profile to rant against Trump, who lives rent-free in his head.

“Trump not only wants to destroy American Democracy, his alliance with Vladimir Putin will destroy Democracy around the world,” he wrote earlier this week.

Reiner has long been one of the most shameless liberals in Hollywood, and he’s only become more fanatical as he’s gotten older. It’s both disturbing and despicable that Hollywood is giving him a platform to launch such vile attacks on conservative Christians.

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