While researching the history of smart glasses, I stumbled upon the August 1990 issue of Popular Mechanics. On page 48 was the Private Eye, which is credited as the world’s first wearable computer. What I’m sure the writer didn’t know at the time was that the very first line of the article would continue to describe smart glasses for nearly 30 years after it was written. It states, “Sometimes a company develops something so nifty that it takes a while before anyone figures out how to use it effectively.”

Smart glasses offer the rare opportunity for a computer to be at eye and ear level and be embedded into an accessory that a majority of folks already wear. But until recently, it has been nearly impossible to pack the technology needed to make a pair of glasses “smart” into a package that doesn’t make you look ridiculous.

Tune in to my video above to see the very funny evolution of smart glasses and how they could bring the dream of a more ambient future to life.


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