How bad are things for Biden? So bad that Sunny Hostin, co-host of ‘The View’ was openly plotting how Democrats could dump Biden for California Governor Gavin Newsom at the Democrat National Convention.

She was speculating about this on the air. Some of her co-hosts seemed shocked that she would put this out there, pointing out that such a move would turn off a lot of voters, particularly minority voters.

This just goes to show that the left knows how much damage Biden did to himself this week.

NewsBusters reports:

Sunny Hostin Hatches Plot: Ditch Mentally Failing Biden at Democratic Convention

Three days after screaming at her fellow ABC co-hosts to shut up and get behind President Joe Biden because he’s “the candidate” for Democrats, staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) was so disturbed by the special counsel’s report about Biden’s failing mental faculties that she hatched a plot to have Democrats ditch him at the convention and install California Governor Gavin Newsom in his place.

Following two segments of discussion about the report and Biden’s embarrassing press conference about his mental acuity, Hostin announced “there is an off-ramp here” that they “need to think about” going forward: “Once all of the delegates are received, the DNC will be certifying the delegates, right? And the count and Gavin Newsom can be swapped out if Joe Biden decides to step aside.”

Faux conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin jumped in to add “Or another candidate.” “It can be done. I think it’s important the public knows,” she proclaimed. “I don’t think Kamala Harris will be so happy about that and I think the black community might turn,” moderator Joy Behar pushed back.

Here’s the video:

Talk about a vote of no confidence. When Biden has lost hosts on ‘The View’ you know he is in real trouble.



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