TikTok is set to reward “high-quality” videos that are over a minute long, announcing the Creator Rewards Program that was previously in beta.

Though the specifics haven’t yet been revealed, creators will be able to monetize more content, with the company calling out four key areas it will prioritise: “originality, play duration, search value, and audience engagement.” The newly formalized program found success last year, with total creator revenue increasing by over 250 percent within the last six months, according to TikTok.

TikTok’s original Creator Fund, however, which was also designed to help creators monetize content, was shut down in November, with the company saying that it would work to “apply resources elsewhere to support creators best and explore new offerings.”


More resources are coming to support creators.
Credit: TikTok.

The Creator Rewards Program seems to be one such way to incentivize TikTokkers hoping to make cash off their content. TikTok announced other ways they plan to increase support for their users, like a new Creator Academy (previously launched in Europe as TikTok Academy) that will provide resources, courses, articles and other insights into content skills, TikTok-centric features, and more. This hub is currently in testing and will be rolling out in seven different languages over the coming weeks.

The app is also pushing for longer videos overall. Back in October, TikTok began testing 15-minute videos, increasing this limit to 30 minutes in January. This boost signals TikTok’s intentional foray to long-form content. Move over, YouTube?


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