Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) responded to a colleague’s recent revelation of a serious “national security threat” – but probably not in the manner he might have expected.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) disclosed the threat publicly and demanded President Joe Biden declassify the information. As reported by The Political Insider, Turner’s claims received some pushback, more so on the timing of the news than perhaps the substance.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that the threat in question concerns “Russia wanting to put a nuclear weapon into space” to disrupt satellites.

But speculation rose suggesting Turner had revealed the threat when he did, despite it not being an imminent concern, as a means to prod lawmakers in the House into voting for more aid to foreign nations, particularly Ukraine.

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Greene On The National Security Threat: It’s Real

Congresswoman Greene took to the X social media platform that was formerly known as Twitter to voice her opinion on the alleged “national security threat,” warning, “It’s real.”

Except, that threat lies within.

“Are we facing a national security threat?” Greene asked. “It’s my duty to be honest with you. Yes. It’s real.”

But that threat isn’t quite what Turner was trying to sell.

“Our President is a dementia patient in charge of our country and the nuclear football, who ripped our border wide open to over 10 million people and counting from over 160 countries around the world and 2 million of them we never caught, however, an unknown number of those are in fact terrorists who want to kill you,” Greene said.

Greene further dipped into the border threat, noting the President’s alleged empowering of drug cartels and willingness to turn a blind eye to human trafficking.

She also noted “national security threats” in the form of a national debt predominantly owned by Communist China, the weakening of the American dollar, and the devastation of taxpayers’ personal retirement accounts.

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Greene Takes A Shot At Pro-Ukraine Republican Turner

Greene, in her lengthy post, did take time to address the claims by Turner as well as the overall weaponization of classified intelligence to sway government policy and public opinion.

“Perhaps the greatest threat is the federal government has become so powerful over the people that it leaks ‘intelligence’ to the press in order to pressure Congress to make certain votes, protect it’s own power to spy on it’s own citizens, maintain power and protect it’s own job security, and most terrifying of all has become weaponized to crush it’s political enemies,” she claimed.

“All of this you I’m telling you didn’t come from the SCIF, you already know,” Greene told her followers, “and I’m depending on you to help me stop our greatest national security threat, the one from within.”

Critics have suggested that Biden’s mishandling of the border crisis is intentional and is a means to import Democrat voters so he and his party can hold onto power.

X CEO Elon Musk suggested that the President opened the borders as part of a two-step plan: “Get as many illegal aliens in the country as possible” and “legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state.”

That is the plan of a man who is the true “national security threat.”

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