Wendy’s is flying Frosties to customers in one Virginia town.

The fast-food chain has launched a pilot drone-delivery system in Christiansburg, Virginia, in partnership with DoorDash and Wing drone deliveries.

Customers will take to DoorDash to line up their order. From there, the Baconaters, bowls of chili, spicy chicken sandwiches and Biggie Bags will be flown to customers via a Wing drone. (Wing is based in Christiansburg.) Orders will arrive in as little as 30 minutes. Large orders will be delivered by a fleet of drones, the companies say.

“Our drones travel around 65 mph, then hover and gently lower your order right outside your doorstep using a tether,” Wing said in a blog post. “With such speedy delivery, we’re able to keep your food warm, your treats frozen, and everything delicious upon arrival.”

They’re also unlikely to pilfer any of your fries.

Delivery of the drone orders will be free for now, but (as you might expect) there are a few restrictions. Orders must come from a single store in the city—and you’ll have to line within a 2.5-mile radius of it and have either a lawn or some other landing pad in order for the French Fry Flight Crew to bring your food.

DoorDash and Wing have previously worked together on drone deliveries, launching service in Australia in 2022. And DoorDash says it hopes to expand the service to other cities in the U.S. later this year. (Wing also works with Walmart, making drone deliveries in seven states, including in Dallas, Texas.)

“We’re optimistic about the value drone delivery will bring to our platform as we work to offer more efficient, sustainable, and convenient delivery options for consumers,” Harrison Shih, senior director of DoorDash Labs, said in a statement.

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