Video is going viral this week showing a woman who is living on a fixed budget going off on the Lakewood City Council in Colorado, taking them to task for allowing illegal immigrants to flood their city.

Woman Pleads With Lakewood City Council

The woman, whose name has not been identified, warns of the current “tsunami” of illegal immigration while law abiding citizens like her suffer.

She went on to conservatively estimate that housing around 40,000 illegal aliens a year will cost the city of Denver $480 million in just one year, with an additional $96 million for feeding those illegal immigrants. She pointed out that the implications of this would be catastrophic, as the Lakewood City budget is currently around $72 million.

“We are headed for a tsunami,” the woman warned. “I don’t think you know what you’re heading at. I ask you how you think you’re going to afford it?”

The entire video just goes to show that in Joe Biden’s America, American citizens are forced to work hard just so that they can fund the American dream for illegal aliens.

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Lakewood City Residents Fight Back

This woman is just one of many people who descended on the Lakewood City Council meeting earlier this month to voice their concerns after seeing the nearby city of Denver spend millions on illegal immigrants. CPR reported that Denver has spent about $42 million on temporary shelter and services for 38,505 illegal aliens who have arrived since the end of 2022.

At the Lakewood City Council meeting, local residents expressed their fears about crime and the costs of pubic services and housing, holding signs that said things like, “Don’t Denver Our Lakewood.”

“What you see tonight is informed voters who have watched Denver’s decline, and don’t want the same here,” local resident Dawn Austin told the city council.

Other residents said that they are tired of being approached in grocery store parking lots and other public places by illegal aliens looking for work.

“This community cannot afford this,” said Ramey Johnson, a former city councilwoman who has helped organize the local people voicing concerns. “It’s not that we are not a compassionate community. We are, but we cannot care for the world.”

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Alarm Bells Go Off For Lakewood City Residents

For Lakewood City, this all started back in January, when the city council asked staffers to meet with representatives from Denver “to determine how Lakewood can learn about the migrant crisis and discuss potential opportunities to partner as a good neighbor responding to the increasing migrant population arriving in Denver.”

This is what raised alarm bells among locals who are determined for Lakewood City to not end up being an effective “sanctuary city” like Denver.

This comes at a time when the border appears to be less secure than ever, and illegal aliens are flooding communities all over the country. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the above video of the woman pleading with the Lakewood City Council not to allow their community to become a sanctuary city has gone viral, as millions of Americans can unfortunately relate to it all too well.

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