Each year following NBA All-Star weekend, we discuss the slam dunk contest for at least two to three weeks afterward. Whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in the middle, the conversation surrounding it blazes on for some time. Now we get Zion Williamson fanning the flames dunk contest banter, with his fake “ultimatum/gesture” toward the Association saying he’ll join the dunk contest if he’s an All-Star.

It sounds good, but we know the superstar of today would rather party and enjoy all the festivities involved with All-Star Weekend than take part in the dunk contest. It’s always funny how the younger generation of players get upset when the “old heads” accuse them of not wanting to compete then turn around and run from the dunk contest.

Now you have Williamson giving this ultimatum that he knows he isn’t going to deliver on. Besides that, he’s already a two-time All-Star selection. He could be upset because he didn’t make it this season when he’s been primarily healthy, having suited up for 51 of the Pelicans’ 62 games. That’s outstanding for a guy who’s played more than 60 games just once in his career.

Williamson smiled as he said this, but it came off as disingenuous. It’s also possible he’s simply annoyed at the question because he hears it so often, especially around this time of year. But having already been around for a few years and having the opportunity, it seems less likely that the odds of him doing the dunk contest will increase as he ages. At only 23, Williamson’s dunk contest window of opportunity should be wide open. But given his injury history compiled early in his career, this may always be a pipe dream.

This is nothing more than Williamson dangling a carrot in front of us so we shut up. Makes sense because this is something he’s frequently asked about. But just because one understands doesn’t mean they have to like his answer. There was an argument for him to be an All-Star this year. This means it’ll probably happen next year, and we’ll get some excuse as to why he’s still not in the dunk contest.

Most star players of this generation have no real interest in doing the slam dunk contest. LeBron James never participated, Ja Morant says he won’t and it’s highly unlikely that Williamson ever will either. Of course, we’ll continue to chatter and complain about it like most things. It’s just something we’ll need to accept sooner or later.


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