TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to vidBoard Creative AI Presenter is on sale for £39.28, saving you 88% on list price.

Whether you create presentations for potential clients or help introduce new processes or products to your team, they are a valuable tool in the workplace. With that being said, they can be time-consuming and costly to create if they are being done correctly. One way to cut production costs is to utilise tools like this vidBoard Creative AI Presenter. Fortunately, a lifetime subscription is on sale for £39.28.

You’ll have a choice of 70 digital AI avatars to use as your presenter. And you get your choice of 20 templates before you customise your presentation with text, graphics, music, and uploaded videos and images. And because vidBoard supports more than 125 languages, your videos will have a multilingual reach.

This handy app makes it easy to create a professional-style video with these simple steps: 

  1. Pick a template and an avatar to be your presenter

  2. Enter your script

  3. Add any multimedia enhancements like videos, images, graphics, or music

You’ll be able to customise your brand with built-in tools, including future upgrades, and lean into the power of artificial intelligence, with AI transcripts and voiceovers to enhance your message.

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Save yourself some time and streamline your marketing, teaching, or sales efforts with a lifetime subscription for £39.28.



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