This weekend on ABC News, California Governor Gavin Newsom made a ridiculous case for Biden’s reelection and even tried to claim that Biden has a plan for dealing with the crisis at the border.

During the same interview, he was asked about third party candidates and said that Democrats should be worried about them.

To his credit, unlike many other Democrats, Newsom said that he doesn’t support the effort to keep them off ballots. Some polls have shown Trump performing even better in the election with third party candidates included.

Transcript via Breitbart News:

JON KARL: How worried are you about a third party? There will be multiple third party candidates. So, it doesn’t take a lot. I know a third party candidate isn’t likely to be elected president, or beat either one. But I mean, how worried are you —

NEWSOM: Spoilers.

KARL: Yeah, how worried are you about that?

NEWSOM: I have to be, I’m worried. But you know what? You’ve got to control the controllables. Got to control what you have to control. Right now, it’s getting the vote out.

KARL: Do you think it’s a mistake then for Democrats to try to keep these third party candidates, No Labels, and the others off the ballot? We’re seeing an effort —


KARL: — to —

NEWSOM: Yeah, I think when you — again, when you try to suppress choice and voice, it tends to backfire.

KARL: Especially when you’re talking about the importance of democracy, you try to keep people off the ballot.

NEWSOM: Yeah. So, I don’t get consumed by that. And I’m not here on behalf of the Biden administration thinking about that.

Here’s the video:

The ladies of The View are also worried about third party candidates.

Democrats are terrified of another Ralph Nader/Jill Stein situation.


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