So let me get this straight: The NFL is in bed with the left, Taylor Swift, President Joe Biden and Travis Kelce all in order to what? Improve Biden’s poll numbers and alienate a segment of its fanbase that’s been unwavering in its loyalty since Colin Kaepernick started kneeling in protest of police violence? Donald Trump’s army of morons clearly haven’t been paying attention, because the NFL is beholden to nothing but its ever-growing bottom line.

Fox and NBC — two media companies with opposing ideologies — along with CBS and ESPN, milked this immersion of IP like Disney+ did the Marvel catalog, and you’d be anti-capitalistic not to. Hell, if they didn’t show Swift at least a half a dozen times it’d be grounds for investigation over communist sympathizing. This is America: We love football as much as famous people, and if you can mix the two, like when Tony Romo dated Jessica Simpson, it’s a win-win for all parties.

Never mind that Patrick Mahomes is the heir apparent to Tom Brady, the Chiefs are in their fourth Super Bowl in five years and Kansas City’s defense is as nasty as any Bill Belichick-coached unit, the playoffs were rigged, I tell you, rigged! That L’Jarius Sneed forced fumble at the goal line against Baltimore wasn’t a great play. Zay Flowers dropped the ball intentionally and then gave an Oscar-worthy performance sulking on the sidelines.

Biden activated Travis Jones like Reggie Jackson in Naked Gun, and that’s the reason he clotheslined Mahomes. NFL referees have been inept by design for as long as the left has been skewering the league for its anti-kneeling agenda and crass approach to head injuries. Roger Goodell and his cabal of extremely conservative owners are currently being sued for discriminatory hiring practices, yet when it comes down to the direction of the country, they stop at Trump.

If you want to see how the most powerful people in the league lean, Google “NFL owners donate to Donald Trump” and look at the roster of old, white guys who happily overlooked racist, xenophobic rhetoric to support Agent Orange. Yes, the world is conspiring against a man who would sacrifice his eldest son (and Eric, too) for another term in the Oval Office.

Noted anti-vaxxer and human troll personified, Aaron Rodgers, got just as many live look-ins as T-Swift during primetime New York Jets games, despite hobbling around in a walking boot, and do you know why that is? Money, popularity, literally anything to draw in and retain viewers. The NFL would show a snuff film at halftime of the Super Bowl if Goodell thought it’d generate revenue.

Funny how people whine about unapologetic capitalism when it’s not in their favor. Hey, I do it all the time, yet I’m a realist. There was never a universe in which the NFL would continue shows of solidarity after KANSAS CITY FANS BOOED A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR EQUALITY during their season-opener in 2020.

Think about that: The same people who openly jeered their star QB for standing up to racism are now letting Taylor Swift hold their babies. Screw party and country, if you want to witness true allegiance, talk to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan about Ben Roethlisberger, or ask Atlanta Falcons’ faithful about Michael Vick.

The only conspiracy at work here is how MAGA lovers are so easily brainwashed, and even then, all you have to do is study Germany in the lead-up to World War II for the answer.


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