GOP Presidential candidate Nikki Haley is facing intense criticism after allegedly sharing what appeared to be fake fan mail on Twitter. The incident has caused a wave of backlash on social media, with users accusing Haley of deception and raising questions about the authenticity of the messages.

On Thursday, Haley took to her X account to express her gratitude for the kind words she claimed to have received from supporters.

She wrote, “Americans want a choice in this election, not a rerun. I’m overwhelmed by all of the kind words! We’ll keep working hard to make you proud.”

However, it soon became apparent that there was a significant problem with the fan mail she shared—it appeared to be fake.

One particular email caught the attention of eagle-eyed social media users. The message, allegedly received from someone named Michael B., was addressed to Nikki Haley and contained a passionate plea for her to continue her fight.

However, it was discovered that the email was still in the draft stage and had not been sent. This raised suspicions about how Haley had supposedly received the email and shared it on X.

Photo: @NikkiHaley/X

Adding to the controversy was another piece of alleged fan mail shared by Haley that seemed to lack the personal touch usually associated with handwritten notes, instead being typed out in a digital font called Bees Burts font.

This fueled further speculation that the messages were fabricated or manipulated to create a positive image of Haley’s popularity.

Photo: @NikkiHaley/X

Social media users were quick to call out Haley for what appeared to be a clumsy attempt at self-promotion. Some sarcastically suggested that Haley’s team should have hit the “send” button before sharing the messages, while others criticized the apparent incompetence of her social media team.


The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Haley’s team for comments. We asked her team to confirm if the fan mail shared by Haley was based on an actual message received from a supporter. And to provide proof of the original communication to verify its authenticity if they claimed it to be true. Updates to this story will be provided as soon as we receive a response.


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