**Calling All Patriots**

The Political Insider has been the target of censorship and suppression since 2016. We’ve stemmed the tide these past 7 years, but it’s become unsustainable with the cards stacked against us. Even the mainstream media is reaching a crisis point, with corporate outlets like the LA Times and TIME Magazine announcing mass layoffs, and Sports Illustrated going under completely. Imagine how hard it is for an independent voice shunned by advertisers and Silicon Valley alike when even Forbes is underwater. 

So our last hope is YOU, Dear Reader. Hundreds of thousands of loyal readers visit our site every month.

If we can reach 1,000 readers to pledge $10 per month, we can not only fund our current operation but potentially bring back content we were forced to shutter, like our video interviews with public figures the corporate media censors, like Juanita Broaddrick and the great Roger Stone.

If you care about balance in media and want to see small independent publishers succeed, it’s up to you. You and you alone can Save The Political Insider with a small monthly pledge of just $10.

In return for your contribution, our benefactors will receive a private email where you can share story suggestions and feedback directly with our editors. Help us improve and bring you the coverage that you want to see.

If we do not hit our goal of 1,000 pledges by Monday February 5, The Political Insider will be forced to shutter the majority of our current content operation.

Our team has given The Political Insider our all – blood, sweat, and tears for over a decade now. Rusty has even written over 7,500 articles! We LOVE bringing you the stories that the Fake News would rather leave hidden.

Please, share this with any friends and family you know value independent and conservative voices in media. 

We have appreciated your readership all these years and will be beyond grateful to those who show up for us now.  

With gratitude,

Derek, Andrew, Rusty, Kat, and John – The Political Insider Team


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