Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat have been the perfect fit. So far, in Butler’s four seasons with the Heat, the team has made it to the Conference Finals three times and won the East in two of those seasons. Given that Butler embodies Heat Culture and the team has put their full faith in the longtime star, a trade seems unlikely.

Despite that, sportsbooks are beginning to set odds for which team would be the favorite to land Jimmy Butler in a potential trade. The situation has left fans puzzled, as seen in the replies to such Tweets discussing Butler potentially being traded.

With that in mind, Bovada has set odds listing the seven teams most likely to acquire Butler if he were to be traded before the February 8 deadline. In first place, with +210 odds, we have the New York Knicks. The Knicks seem to be favorites to land Butler thanks to Tom Thibodeau.

Thibodeau and Butler spent a number of seasons together in Chicago, which many consider to be the most formative years of both of their careers. After the two sides then parted ways, they reunited in Minnesota briefly before Butler landed in Philadelphia.

Despite the fact that Jimmy Butler seems to be happy in Miami, and the Heat seem to be happy with his performance, the Butler-Thibodeau connection can’t be denied. This seems to be reflected in the latest Bovada odds, with the Knicks being favorites to land the Miami star.

Looking at other teams who are most likely to land Jimmy Butler

After the New York Knicks in first place, the Philadelphia 76ers sit in second place, with the second-best odds to acquire Jimmy Butler. Again, although it seems highly unlikely that the Heat deal Butler, should they decide to, the 76ers have the second-best odds at +225 according to Bovada.

Sitting just behind them we have the Sacramento Kings, who have continued to impress in the Western Conference. After their playoff berth last season, the team has +325 odds to acquire Butler.

Just behind them in fourth place, we have the Brooklyn Nets with +475 odds to acquire Jimmy Butler. Currently, the team notably sits outside of play-in contention in the Eastern Conference, further adding to the unlikelihood that Butler would land with the team.

Behind the Nets, in fifth place, we have the Dallas Mavericks with +600 odds, and the Golden State Warriors with +700 odds. In both cases, the two teams would need to put together a big offer to acquire Butler which would likely include Kyrie Irving for Dallas, and Klay Thompson for Golden State.

Sitting in last place on the Bovada sportsbook betting odds, we have the New Orleans Pelicans with +950 odds. Much like in the cases of the Mavericks and Warriors, the Pelicans would have to put together a massive package for Butler, which would likely include either Zion Williamson.

While it seems as though the odds indicate plenty of interest around Butler, the likelihood of the Miami Heat trading him is incredibly low.



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