Well, here’s a shocking revelation: The Zach Wilson-Aaron Rodgers relationship reportedly soured as the 2023 season progressed in New York. Go figure. Apparently, Wilson thought he’d be able to stay in direct contact with Rodgers after Rodgers’ Achilles injury in Week 1. Obviously, that didn’t happen and Wilson, among others, grew tired of how head coach Robert Saleh “fawned over” A-Rod. This is according to reports from Zack Rosenblatt and Dianna Russini of The Athletic.

Rodgers was worried about trying to defy the world by returning to the field from an Achilles tear and surgery after three weeks. Okay, it wasn’t that quick, but he was pushing it thinking he could come back, at 40 years old from that type of injury, in a matter of months. But Wilson thought this dude had time to check in and coddle him. Child, please. It’s a mystery why Wilson even thought they’d have that buddy-buddy, mentor/mentee relationship. Homeboy was really reaching with that wish.

Mr. Rodgers doesn’t give a damn about Zach Wilson or anyone else, for that matter. We’ve literally witnessed this behavior from Rodgers for years. From this report, it sounds like Wilson’s feelings might be a little bit hurt. Bro, don’t worry about it, A-Rod is who he is. Hopefully, Wilson takes this as a lesson and treats it as a business the same way Rodgers does.

Where Saleh is concerned, he probably won’t be there much longer anyway. All his fanboying over Rodgers and the hoopla without the wins will lead to him running some team’s defense again as a coordinator. If Rodgers comes back next season and the Jets still can’t make the playoffs, Saleh will likely be finished. Wilson will be moved on his way and Rodgers will retreat to a cave somewhere in the wilderness. Maybe Rodgers will do him a solid and bring Wilson along to introduce him to the wonderful world of psychedelics, as it seems the latter already has some experience with hallucination.


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